You are... our clients

  • manufacturing SME specialized in the production of equipment and finished products
  • agricultural or agro-food SME involved in livestock production, farming, slaughter and transformation of agricultural products as well as the production and distribution of agricultural equipment
  • wholesaler, distributor or franchisor in the food and service industries
  • biotechnology or agro-food research company
  • financial institution, specialized lender or capital risk fund
  • entrepreneur, merchant or real estate owner or major tenant
  • professional order
  • professional such as chartered accountant, accredited appraiser, engineer, architect, agronomist or bankruptcy trustee
  • city, municipality, RCM, educational institution or religious institution

YOU DESERVE... an efficient and accessible partner

Are you looking for the highest quality legal services delivered with accessibility, flexibility and efficiency? Our practice was founded on these values.

Are you looking for a business partner with an entrepreneurial spirit?

We are here to do business with you. We target networking and linking our clients’ skills in order to provide them with opportunities for growth.

This is reflected in our training breakfasts, business conferences and lunch meetings, to which you are regularly invited.

Your expectations... our values


You will get 100% of our enthusiasm (energy, efforts, verve) as well as our commitment to giving you our absolute best (enthusiasm, surpassing ourselves) in order to provide you with high-quality service. We are committed to gaining your trust by dealing with your business even better than if it was our own.


We can meet with you whenever and wherever you wish, with explanations that remain simple and clear without sacrificing rigour. We will propose the most appropriate solutions to you.


Our relationship with you will be straightforward and respectful.


You will appreciate our creativity, our skills and our desire to serve you differently.


For you, the result is what matters most. We are committed to bringing our strengths and talents together to go beyond your expectations.


With you since... our story began

Founded in 1994 in Saint-Hyacinthe by Normand Therrien and Jean-Luc Couture, we are now established in five offices located in the province of Quebec, Canada. What created our success is first and foremost the entrepreneurial spirit of our founding partners, as well as their desire to provide accessibility and proximity to our clients.

In 2010, our team was comprised of nearly 20 professionals. Today, we are more than 70 professionals, including attorneys, notaries and experienced human resources specialists who commit to our company values and are very involved in the community. They pledge to offer high quality services to our clients.


We have acquired Edilex inc., which is well known for its vast collection of legal document templates. Edilex will continue to innovate by offering legal professionals, businesses and public bodies a variety of IT-based products and services that will enable them to better organize and simplify their business processes in a secure manner.

Therrien Couture and Edilex share the same vision and values centered on providing the highest quality of services to our clients on a personal level, and focused on using the latest technology in the practice of law.