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Benoit Chrétien

Business Development and Customer Experience Director

Benoit is passionate about customer relations and business development. His greatest motivation is to contribute to the success of the firm’s current and future clients by ensuring he understands their reality and their needs in order to help them make an informed decision.

Audacity and integrity are at the center of his concerns in the development process. Nothing is more important to Benoit than having clients who are completely satisfied with the legal counsel offered by our firm. Benoit believes in never taking the client’s trust for granted; trust must be renewed during each meeting and for each mandate. 

He manages and supports business development activities with a view to contributing to the firm’s growth.

Benoit ensures that we continuously improve how we deliver our services to our clients and supports our team when developing new clients according to an approach that reflects our values.

He is always available to discuss your reality and your needs, and is committed to ensuring that we provide the quality services our clients deserve.

Bar admission 

  • Bachelor of arts, université de Montréal (1987-1990) (B.A.)
  • Certification in psychosociology of communication
  • Certificate in anthropology
  • Certificate in cinema

Contact :

450 682.5514855 633.6326LinkedInimage

Business Development and Direct Marketing Agent  :

Professional activities

I am primarily involved in the development of the firm’s business. However, I also offer consulting services to our clients to develop their full potential to increase sales.  

Social Involvement

I am particularly concerned about the difficulties of young teens living with a physical or intellectual handicap, learning disability and/or social adaptation disorder. The young people facing such challenges deserve our support when entering the adult world so that they can achieve their full potential and find their place in society, while adding their individuality, and finally break-free from the darkness that surrounded them.

  • Custmer experience
  • Business development
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships
Benoit Chrétien
Benoit Chrétien
Benoit Chrétien
Benoit Chrétien

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