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David St-Georges


David recently joined our team after serving as crown prosecutor for a number of years. In addition to his experience in penal and criminal law, David was a corporate legal advisor in matters relating to occupational health and safety.  

In addition to his daily law practice, David served as treasurer for the Bedford bar association. A long-distance runner and an accomplished athlete, he shares his passion for physical activities with the young hockey players he coaches.

David is particularly adept at presenting complex problems in way that is simple and easy to understand, whether for his clients or before a judge. A seasoned litigator after his years as crown prosecutor, he will be diligent and tenacious when defending your interests before the courts.

•    Criminal Charges under Federal and Provincial Laws, such as concerning Occupational Health and Safety, Transport, Environment, and Road Safety 
•    All types of Business-related Offences
•    Fraud
•    Shoplifting and Robbery
•    Making or Using Forgeries
•    Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, Hit-and-Run
•    Mischief
•    All Forms of Assault, Threats, Harassment
•    Narcotic-related Offences
•    Fire-related Offences
•    Advising Individuals re: Filing a Complaint Against Police Authorities
•    Questions and Litigation under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
•    Search and Seizure

Bar admission 2006

  • Law graduate, Université Laval (LL.B)

Contact :

450 773.6326855 633.6326LinkedInimage

Paralegal  :

Professional activities

I find it particularly stimulating to manage major files in criminal and penal law. And I enjoy handling complex matters because this type of challenge always brings out the best in me.

Social Involvement

Childhood is an important time for having fun and learning, and I sincerely believe that every child should have the chance to experience that. This is why I am involved in a number of causes addressing childhood issues. I have also been a minor league hockey coach for a number of years now.

  • Criminel Law
  • Disciplinary Law
  • Professional Law

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