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avocate droit municipal - valerie tremblayavocate droit municipal - valerie tremblay

Valérie Tremblay


Valérie is a member of our municipal law team as well as the Director of Legal Services at Edilex, a  legal technology company. She ensures that there is an effective collaboration between the municipal law team and Edilex, thereby providing value-added services to clients of both entities.

Her former position as director of a registry and claims office allowed Valérie to develop extensive experience in managing a registry at a local municipality, regional county municipality and a municipal Court.

In addition to her considerable experience in drafting by-laws, calls for tender, legal opinions, minutes and draft resolutions, Valérie developed knowledge in the areas of access to information, public security, fire safety and civil protection as well as municipal document management.

Committed to the projects entrusted to her as well as being organized and meticulous, Valérie ensure her clients’ satisfaction by applying a practical approach to find solutions for her clients.

Bar admission 2001

  • Law graduate, Université de Montréal (LL.B.)

Contact :

450 682.5514LinkedInimage

Technicienne juridique :

Professional activities

Over the past years, I have set up registries at the local municipal and regional municipal levels that are productive, effective and efficient.     

Social Involvement

Ever since becoming a lawyer, I have been concerned about the poverty that exists in our own neighbour-hoods, which is not always visible. As such, I was involved in organizing a first-time symposium on poverty in Vaudreuil-Soulagnes. My involvement in my community is very important to me, as are developments in the municipal services that are available to help citizens.   

  • Access to Information
  • Environmental Protection
  • Expropriation
  • Land use planning and development
  • Municipal democracy
  • Municipal Law
  • Municipal taxation
Valérie Tremblay
Valérie Tremblay

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