Your expectations.
Our values.

  • Commitment

  • Simplicity

  • Integrity

  • Audacity

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment


    You will get 100% of our enthusiasm (energy, efforts, verve) as well as our commitment to giving you our absolute best (enthusiasm, surpassing ourselves) in order to provide you with high-quality service. We are committed to gaining your trust by dealing with your business even better than if it was our own.
  • Simplicity


    We can meet with you whenever and wherever you wish, with explanations that remain simple and clear without sacrificing rigour. We will propose the most appropriate solutions to you.
  • Integrity


    Our relationship with you will be straightforward and respectful.
  • Audacity


    You will appreciate our creativity, our skills and our desire to serve you differently.
  • Responsibility


    For you, the result is what matters most. We are committed to bringing our strengths and talents together to go beyond your expectations.

Our vision

Our actions are guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. True to our reputation for being audacious, we reinvent the law by being innovative in our way of practicing law and providing professional services.  

You are seeking a legal advisor as a strategic partner in your business. We are a firm with an entrepreneurial spirit that uses networking and cross-promoting between our clients and partners to give you opportunities for growth. 

You are seeking services from a professional who is accessible and in close proximity to your business. You wish to have more autonomy in managing your business and to better anticipate the costs. We offer integrated services that are audacious yet simple.

 Active Worldwide

Therrien Couture LLP joined the USLAW NETWORK (USLAW) in 2013 in recognition of the fact that our clients operate in a global marketplace and that their legal needs often transcend geographic boundaries.

Our membership in USLAW allows us, in collaboration with the member firms of the network, to continue to advise and assist our clients as their business ventures take them across Canada, the United States and around the world.

USLAW is an international organization composed of more than 60 independent full service law firms, including more than 6,000 attorneys across the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Asia, and with affiliations in Africa and Europe. USLAW is comprised of highly rated law firms that are part of the NETWORK by invitation only.

Member firms undergo a rigorous review process to insure outstanding quality of lawyers throughout the USLAW NETWORK. USLAW firms are experienced in commercial and business law, employment and labor law, litigation and other business-related areas of law.

Our history

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